20+ Works That Can Teach You Financial Literacy

  • Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes How to Use Instagram for Your Business Blog – In my post about using Instagram Video and Vine for Writers and Bloggers, I mentioned how difficult it can be to successfully use Instagram for promotion for your website or blog. The main reason being that you cannot use a clickable link in your Instagram post to directly link people to the blog post it corresponds with.
  • Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes Children and Computer Safety – Since having a child, I have become increasingly aware of the world around me. I can’t read the newspaper or listen to the news without something bothering me. Something that gives me a stark reminder of the world we live in. Though we parents we try our hardest to protect our children, we can’t always be with them.
  • Robert @ Beat The 9 to 5 writes Why Entrepreneurs Are Afraid of the Truth – Have you ever heard the saying, Nobody will tell you your baby is ugly? It’s true! The same is true with entrepreneurship. I’ve watched and seen too many entrepreneurs crash and burn because they were afraid to admit the truth – their baby was ugly. And, just like with babies, nobody wants to tell them that their idea is terrible!
  • MR @ Money Reasons writes Last Quarter Cash Flow Changes – Time to make some cash flow changes for the rest of the year as I come to the realization that my numbers don’t make sense. See how I adjusted my financial planning model accordingly.

Bad Credit Personal Loan: Giving Everyone an Option

  • Vanessa @ Cash Cow Couple writes eHealthInsurance Review – Are you overwhelmed by health insurance providers? We wrote this eHealthInsurance review to show you how to easily find the plan that’s right for you.
  • Hank @ Money Q&A writes Don’t Be Kept In The Dark About The Costs Of Investing – The more oversight, personal involvement, and attention you give to your portfolio, the better positioned you’ll be. Understanding the costs of investing becomes easier for investors with the more you learn.
  • Joshua Rodriguez @ http://cnafinance.com writes How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online – In this post, Joshua discusses ways that consumers can protect themselves from identity thieves online. Learn 4 simple ways to protect your information!
  • Jason Butler @ The Butler Journal writes Easy Ways to Save Money – A post offering easy ways to save money.
  • Tushar Mathur @ Everything Finance writes Are Coupons Worth it? – I used to be an avid coupon clipper. And when I say “avid,” I mean “obsessed”…
  • krantcents @ KrantCents writes 25 Odd Jobs that Make Good Money – Ever wondered how people end up in most unusual jobs? The reasons for taking up odd jobs could be many, such as making quick money, realizing passion or yearning to do something new and different. Sometimes these seemingly odd endeavors turn out to be great platforms for building personally rewarding professions.
  • Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes iSave: 5 Financial Apps That Help – Whether it is basic budgeting, shopping help or advanced account monitors, there are apps that will help. Read here for some of the greatest on finance!
  • Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Staying on a Budget in High Cost of Living Areas – Unlike my buddy Crystal in Texas, I left the area right after college for grad school in Pittsburgh. At the time, I thought that was outrageously expensive but DC is worse. It’s hard to keep a budget for me here, read why.
  • Bank Free Credit @ Bank Free Credit writes How Student Loans Can Affect Your Credit Score – A student loan need not damage a person’s credit score. In fact, handled correctly a student loan can help improve one’s credit score. The key is the person’s payment record.
  • Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes My First Experience of Earning Money and the Lessons I Learned – Maybe the lessons I learned when I started earning money ‘on the side’ are un-conventional. But these have served me great: I doubt that without learning these four lessons I would be at the great financial place where I am today.
  • Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes The 4 Best Lottery Winner Stories – Whether you go to the gas station or convenience store and pick up your lottery ticket or instead frequent a site like William Hill 49s, you likely play the lottery because you dream of winning it big.
  • Kim @ Eyes on the Dollar writes Student Loan Money-Don’t Use it to Buy and Iguana – How spending student loan money on non-school expenses can come back to haunt you someday.
  • Edgar @ Degrees and Debt writes Dating on a Budget – How to date while staying within a budget!
  • Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes How to Take a Frugal (or Free) Vacation or Trip – What if I told you I am able to take a free vacation or trip at least once a year? Would you believe me? I would be doubtful too if someone told me that, but the truth is that it’s rather easy to do if you have a rewards credit card and work hard to maximize your earning potential with it.
  • Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again writes When to Upgrade… And When Not To – I think it’s so easy to get swallowed up by the promise of upgrades – of getting larger meals or longer warranties or more discounts – that it becomes hard to resist following the herd.
  • Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes Why You Should Choose Stocks – Here are 5 reasons why you should choose stocks as your primary investment.
  • ETZ25 @ Entertainment Timez writes Flashlight Tag Remembered – A Fun Frugal Game – A incredible fun frugal game from my childhood was a game called Flashlight Tag. For me, it was a very positive experience and one that I’m happy to share!
  • Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Home Habits: Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance To Save – In an effort to focus on a more improved budget, the following are just a few things to think about when it comes to home maintenance in order to save.

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